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10 روز پیش بعد از کلی گشتن تو سایت اداره مهاجرت کانادا، ایمیل سفارت خونه رو تو دمشق گیر آوردم و یک نامه برای گواهی تمکن مالی بهشون نوشتم که اگه میشه به جای پرینت بانکی قرارداد رهن خونه رو براشون بفرستم که نشون میده ما 15 میلیون رهن خونه داده ایم. پس از 10 تا 12 روز جواب دادن که نع!!! باید پرینت بانکی باشه و چیز دیگه نمیشه و...  

خوب بابا ما از کجا پول بیاریم بریزیم تو حساب؟ حالا فرضا هم گیر آوردیم... تا 6 ماهه دیگه که قانونها عوض میشن و معلوم نیست چی بشه... واقعا نمی دونم چی کار کنم. دوستان اگه اطلاعاتی دارن خواهش می کنم منو راهنمایی کنن. 

اینجا نامه خودم و جواب اونا رو میذارم: 


Dear to whom it may concern,
My name is ........... and I have desided to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker and seemingly me and my wife can pass the required score, but we have a problem.
So I am writting to find out how I could prove my financial ability as the immigration rulse. According the rulse I must signify that I have a account  with amount equivalent 13000$ that lasted at least 6 months. In fact we have more than double of this amount but in the other shape of properties.
we have a car, some golden coin and about 15000$ in our house mortgage (I will get back it when the contract expired) and some cash and etc.
Now we require to know if we can prove our financial ability with evidences relevant our properties mentioned above.
We are waiting forward your response.
 Best regaurds. 


اینهم جواب دوستان کانادایی 



Dear Sir/ Madam,
Please be advised that you must provide evidence of all the unencumbered transferable funds you have available for your settlement in Canada, including evidence of the accumulation of those funds.  This must include a bank statement(s) showing all transactions for the last six months with a current balance at least equivalent to the minimum required funds. A letter of solvency providing the current balance of your account(s) or the average credits and debits in your account(s) is not acceptable evidence.
If you have recently deposited a large amount of money into your bank account, you must clearly explain the provenance of these funds (ex: sale of property, inheritance, etc.) and provide supporting evidence.  
Immigration Section (ANA)
Embassy of Canada, Damascus
P.O. Box 3394 

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